Center for Neuroregenerative Medicine (CMN)

The therapy with ear microimplants is a treatment discovered 2001 by Ulrich Werth. It is based on the implantation of small needles of titanium in the cartilage of the ear. The treatet patients observe a reduction of the symptoms and slowing down on the progression of the illness. Although we do not offer a cure for neurological diseases we offer a better life quality for patients. Patients that see their symptoms reduced can then reduce their daily medication and reduce the side effects that the drugs produce.

We have seen excellent results in Parkinsons disease, Multiple Sclerosis and other illnesses that can only be treated my medication and have no cure. We also work with patients and care takers to explain psycological, physical and social work that the patient must maintain to succed and overcome the limitations of the illnesses.

Patients are explained the importance of good eating habits, daily excersice and we offer advice from our professional experience to facilitate their daily tasks and improve their life quality.

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