Neuro-Medicine Center Regenerative closer to you

Each year, our team  travels from its headquarters located in Spain to Latin America, to help people interested in the region.


The steps followed for these consultations outside our center are:


  1. It must be a significant group of patients interested

(Sometimes they are the relatives who are interested at first)

  1. We contact an expert acupuncturist or doctor in the area and a collaboration is set to receive in his center patients, the doctor will be trained in the art of the “permanent needle” in order for him to provide the necessary information before and after the therapy


  1. Dates are chosen and the journey of our medical team is organized


  1. We inform through our newsletter (subscribe), website and social networks

If you’re interested in treatment as a patient (or family), or you are professional and you want to become a collaborating center, please contact us through or by calling (+34) 96 351 66 80



After the therapy a follow-up is done via videoconference, and subsequent visits to the patients country.

Dr Werth Dr Gretor

On our last trip to Mexico last June 2016: the founder of Centro de Medicina Neuro-Regenerativa, Dr. Ulrich Werth along with Dr. Armando Gregor, whom we thank for his support and collaboration

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