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The discovery
of the
Alzheimer’s therapy

The secret of the Forever Needle

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”
Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio


This quote in Shakespeare’s Hamlet is still valid and it can be understood today better than before.

To do this, click here and wait for something:

For 8 minutes, you will see something unique in the world so far:

An Alzheimer’s patient reports his experience 24 hours after a treatment with the “Forever Needle”, he was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease the previous day, he tormented himself to remember, to find his way around, to bring out words and to articulate. The test before the treatment showed a moderate to severe dementia.

He was treated in the morning the day before the interview. In the evening, his wife said in the interview “he is now locked in the world again”. He is “present” again. He is interested in everything that happens in the now. Before, everything was like “in the fog.”

The next day he reports that there had been a “quantum leap”. The morning after the treatment, he had the feeling that a new life was beginning. He was immediately ready for everyday activities. An earlier question of long-term care was out of the question. And he began gradually to remember his “previously spilled stages of life”.

After the test, he had no dementia you could say a 100% recovery. Just 24 hours after the treatment with the auricular micro-implants, which are popularly referred to as “The Forever needles”. The book about it will be published soon.

Dr. med. Ulrich Werth



The discovery of such an effective therapy for Alzheimer’s disease, which also has a positive effect on Parkinson’s disease, needs explanation. Why would you choose Dr. Werth’s or Ulrich Werth Alzheimer’s therapy?

Why would you be treated by Dr. Werth and not by the 10,000 Alzheimer’s researchers in the world, who are paid by the pharmaceutical industry and whose research has already cost 100 billion euros. But, how did I discover a treatment that the world has been waiting for for a long time? I can only say that with the stony path of my life:

If you go your own way and see all the stones and seemingly insurmountable obstacles as your challenge to master them, you will one day have something genius.

An example:

Darwin had failed the biology exam. Obviously, he said to himself: “Now and formost”. And explored the biology with great diligence and dedication. With his famous book he enriched biology with basic knowledge.

This discovery did not fall into my lap either.

After completing my medical examinations with a grade of “outstanding”, I went through a hard scientific school with the founder of neurobiology. Defended my diploma and doctoral thesis on memory research successfully. After that I wanted to help patients with the knowledge and started a specialist training in neurology and psychiatry. After 5 years I wanted to take the exam as usual. But without any explanation from the official bodies, I stayed for 10 years without a license to the exam. Excuses of the medical director, I answered with “victories by yielding”:

Every year I submitted the application for admission to the medical exam. Every time an excuse came. I always replied, “OK, if you think I’m missing something else, delegate me to another clinic …” That’s how I learned year-after-year and studied almost everything that was possible in neurology and psychiatry and performed it practically. At the end, only the success remained, at the Charité Berlin. I was also allowed to sit in there. … When the turn came, I was immediately called for the specialist exam.

Later I read I was a Stasi victim in file:
“Dr. Werth must not become a specialist. He teaches the party. ”

I was now so well prepared for the following exam that I was able to bring the examining professors up to date with the latest medical research without exaggeration.

I lacked a mental block of the sentence: “The party is always right:”
But these professors had such a blockade.

Today at this point many sentences are written in the brain: “The pharmaceutical industry is always right.”

From such blockages, and the associated authority faithfulness, I had already freed myself as a child. After the turnaround, I researched and published on drug abuse and came to the best possible alternative: to solve the problem with acupuncture.

As a legendary acupuncturist, I came to the discovery of what is popularly known as the “Forever Needle” therapy. It was in many ways a relief to work with Sedatelec’s the “Titanium Micro-implants for the ear” soon was approved as a medical device. The patients only needed to come once. The micro-implants also helped with chronic and ultimately the so-called degenerative diseases of the brain, since they can cause the regeneration of the nerve tissue. So, after 17 years on the stony path of Parkinson’s treatment, I first came to the corresponding points of Alzheimer’s disease brain regions for the happy ending of the most effective regression of one of the most dreaded diseases. This is currently being demonstrated credibly with the help of a double-blind study for the world, because it seems unbelievable. Then we will see if this works only with the group treated with the real needles, or with the control group as well. In the worst case, this would mean that I stopped the patient’s illness. The only downside is that others can not easily learn the treatment, but maybe soon in the future.

Dr. med. Ulrich Werth
Valencia, 18.9.2017


End of Part 1

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