About the treatment

Step 1: Consultation and clarification

Every patient must be consulted and examined individually. Acupuncture and PBS is not a “prescription”, every treatment is designed for every patient and it is compatible with you current treatment. This is why a trusting  relationship patient / doctor is important for the success of the treatment. Before the intervention is done the therapy is explained in detail and all questions are answered. A continuous care of the patient during the treatment is necessary and future possible fine adjustments. After the first treatment some of the symptoms can be improven right after the therapy. The number of the used needles depends on the following factors:

-Sensitivities, symptoms and illness progress
-How many drugs and pills have been taken up to now
-Inquiry about social skills and problems
-General mental state of the patient

Step 2: Disinfection

After the investigation both ears are disinfected thoroughly. The needles are protected by a double sterile packaging and can be implanted by the treating doctor aseptically.

Step 3: Implantation

After the disinfection the needles are put to the accupuncture points. By a small amout of pressure the device and is implanted.

Step 4: Follow up

Follow up questionnaires are sent to the patient. Scales and graphs are given to the patient to evaluate the progress in a more objective manner. From time to time the Doctor, Psycologist or Fisiotherapist will call to asses the patients progress.

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