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Dr. Ulrich Werth

cum laude Medical Doctor in Rostock University – Germany

Specialization in Neurology and Psychiatry

Professorship, Departments of neurology and Acupuncture, University of Delhi – India

Study of the potential saving of implant acupuncture according to Dr. Werth, collaboration woth the Medical Faculty of Ruhr University Bochum – Germany

Dra. Meis Al Kassir


Doctor in medicine


Julia Mast


extense experience in orthopedics, Sports Medicine and Chronic Pain. She has a particular interest in resolving chronic, complex pain conditions.

Sport physiotherapy

Master in Osteopathy

Julieta Mondo


Teacher in the University of Valencia



Alfredo Munoz

Alfredo Muñoz is a licensed Psycologist. His experience in Neuropsycology helps patients with chronical and neurological illnesses.

Master in psycopathology, health psychology and neuropsychology

Expert Forensic Psychology

Overt 15 years experience in chronic and neurological illnesses


Viktoriya Stepanenko

Born in Kiev, Viktoriya helps patients in adminitrative questions that may arise from the treatment.

Studies in mathematics and business administration

Asistance to patients in Russian, English and Spanish



Amaia Weinmann

Amaia works in logistics. She plans trips flights and appointments for our patients.

Her warm and caring attitude helps in all questions and issues that may come up in a trip to Spain.


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