Anti-aging and the “Forever Needle”

Anti-aging with the help of the “Forever Needle Therapy by Werth”


Awaken from the “spiritual coma”!

The question “How old are you?” is an almost always asked question when getting to know a new person. What lays in the mind of the person asking? :

With a higher age, for example 68 or more, cliché thinking starts. “Well, then you can not do that anymore.”, “Well, then it’s about time for you to retire.” Etc.

In essence, the persons has been ruled out competence in every respect. It is also out of the question of the norm that he or she falls in love again or acquires or meets a new lover. Medical treatments will become obsolete after a few years at the latest. Because one thinks and suggests and suggests: he or she has lived his or her live. It’s not worth it anymore the trouble… After all, there is nothing more to do….

Group norm and peer pressure influence thinking and life expectancy: the person in question, who has internalised it, hardly needs to do anything. He sits down to rest and that’s the acceptance of what’s coming: sickness and death. Untrained functions degenerate and even in young people, if they lead a comfortable existence …

Some people take longer to be healthy and cheerful. The over 100-year-old woman from Okinawa did not know that it isn´t necessary to stay fit for so long. 8,000 years ago, according to the results of some researchers, people lived for several hundred years. At that time, however, there were other atmospheric and astronomical conditions. Nevertheless, even in the Victorian era, when there were neither chemicals nor refrigerators, life expectancy, except for infant mortality, was much higher. Today, the rulers and the media that obey them are pretending to be a mirage.


The miracle of the “Forever needle”

The “Forever needle” can create the conditions for escaping from the group norm after the experiences of the last decade:
With the “Forever Needle Therapy” not only many Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s patients are the beginning in a blessed healthier life but as it turned out, also “being younger and younger”. Almost always a detectable tougher health and vitality was found in all diseases in which the youth points had been treated.


The “Forever Needle Patient” testimony

Ingeborg Kunze (Berlin) reported after 14 years of life with the “Forever needles”, now with 90 years, as constantly getting younger. She also stated that in lateral thinking television Ms. Kaiser, who was also freed from Parkinson’s, feels constantly younger despite the knee surgery. She says she is “not dead”.


My role model was Kneipp

One of my first books, which I also read during my medical studies, was “Doctors in Self-Test”. Kneipp had secretly freed himself from nightmarish from hemoptysis with ice baths. When I read that, it was winter and I immediately followed his example. The next day a patient asked me, “You look so well. What did you do?” “ -I bathed with ice water yesterday.” “You’re pretty crazy.” Was the answer. – Being normal is boring, I think. Anyone can do that …

I now have the nerve to implant with my colleague in Valencia, the “youth points” on the ear with the “Forever needles”. Why not? I still have so much to do. Finally, I want to experience how my faithful patients become 100 without any worse restrictions.


What is the effect based on?

The “Eternal Needle Therapy” in Parkinson’s, with the imaging techniques such as Datscan and Pet-scan have proven efficacy and has brought benefits regarding brain regeneration. Brain regeneration means becoming more effective and better synapses. Emergence of new synapses (synaptogenesis) and formation of new nerve cells from stem cells (neurogenesis). In Alzheimer’s neurogenesis can be stimulated much faster because it affects the cradle of the nerve cells.



As the biological clock expires, the cells degenerate in the hippocampus and pituitary gland. The hormone production in the Hypothalamus can be stimulated with “eternal needles”, the hormone control centres, causing a regeneration of otherwise dying cells, their stimulation of function, in the production of hormones, and thus a turning back of the biological clock. With this you support your anti-aging program. These topics and many more can be found in our clinic:

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Dr. med. Ulrich Werth